Senior High School

Jackson Flight

Jackson Flight  is a group designed to nurture students' writing and publishing interests and skills. It is also the name of the JHS literary anthology comprised of students' award-winning essays, short stories, poems, and photographs. The booklet is published by a small group of student volunteers (the Flight Crew) interested in creative writing, art, photography, and publications. 

Below is a picture of the 2018-19 student staff who published our inaugural booklet.

Jackson Flight

(Left to Right): Mrs. Laura Edwards, sponsor, Lara Oliver, Leighton Surface, Alexa Baker, Johnni Latus, Kristen Johnson, Makenna Wessell, Anya Spurgeon, Mrs. Abigail Beckwith, sponsor, Julien Keesee

Not Pictured: Ramsey Bahner, Madison Chalmers, Paige Cooper, Emma Harris, Allison King, Ayanni Smith