Orchard Drive Elementary School

Orchard Counseling

Counselor’s Corner

The comprehensive school counseling program at Orchard Drive Elementary is a developmental response to the diverse and changing needs of our students.  The counseling program provides for student needs through the four components of the program: Curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support.  The counseling curriculum is based upon three areas of focus: Career Development, Academic Development, and Personal Social Development.  Weekly (K-1st) and bi-weekly (2nd-4th) counseling lessons are based upon the learning skills needed for the development of each of these areas and also the needs of the students and/or classes.  While most student needs are addressed through large group counseling lessons, some students benefit from working in small groups with the counselor to learn coping skills and/or social skills.  Rainbows is a small group offered to students who have gone through life changes such as a death or divorce.  The focus of the PRIDE group is on social and friendship skills.  Other groups are formed based upon the individual needs of the students. The school counselor is also available to consult with parents and teachers in order to provide information about resources available to students/families.  

Please feel free to contact Jill Hadler, School Counselor, at (573) 243-9555 or at jhadler@jr2mail.org if you have any questions about the counseling program.