Gordonville Elementary School

Gordonville Library


Welcome back to the library! We have so many wonderful activities being planned for the 19-20 school year. Students will check-out books to bring home with them after library. Students will need to bring their library book back to school each week in order to check out a new book! We are constantly adding books to our collection in order to have a variety of books for our students to pick from! We will discuss caring for our books in order to keep them in the best condition possible. 

We will focus on the Show Me Readers during library. There are 10 book titles chosen as Show Me Readers each year. After we have read all 10 Show Me Readers, our Gordonville students will vote for which book is their favorite! We will send our vote in with all the other elementary schools in the state in order to pick the best Show Me Reader of the year!

I look forward to working with your young readers this year!

Lisa Hooe, Librarian

Lisa Hooe, Librarian