Gordonville Elementary School

Gordonville Art


I am so glad to be working with each and every one of my new art students and wonderful faculty! Already, students are creating great works of art. For the past several weeks, we have been focusing on drawing. I believe drawing is the basis of most successful works of art. Other media your child will experience this year will be; painting in watercolor, tempera, and acrylic for the older students. Students will create sculpture, ceramic works, printmaking, collage, and mixed media. We will learn the elements and principles of design and how to successfully use them in our work. This month, we will be diving into the idea of self-portraits as well as some different winter-themed projects.
Throughout the year your child will learn about the history of artists and artist techniques. It amazes me what students can learn and remember! During the year I will be keep up with most of your child's artwork, because in May, one piece of art  that every student has created will be featured in the art show. 

It's been a great year so far - we've got some very talented young artists on our hands! :)

Sarah Hopson