Jackson R-2 School District

Need to enroll a new student?

Need to enroll a new student?

 Whether you have a child who is just starting Pre-Kindergarten or their senior year in high school, we hope that the resources on this page will assist you in providing a smooth transition for them. Be sure to check the other sections of the Jackson R-II Schools website for district news and information.

 To enroll a student in Jackson R-2 Public Schools, you must reside within the district boundaries.  To verify if you live in the Jackson R-2 District, and to verify which elementary school attendance area you live in, you will use our Infofinder website.  Simply enter your address and zip code, and for Grade Level leave it as "All Grades and Schools".  If your attendance area result is Millersville, then your child will attend Millersville for grades K-2, then West Lane for grades 3-4.  If your result is Gordonville, then your child will attend Gordonville for grades K-2, then South for grades 3-4.  All other elementary school results are for grades K-4.  To verify your area, please click here.

 Pre-Kindergarten Students

 Pre-school is available for children that live in the Jackson R-2 school district and will be age 3 by August 1.  We currently have a waiting list that you may have your child added to at any time. If you have a pre-school age please email the registrar at Registrar@jr2mail.org or call 573-243-5347 to be put on the waiting list. We will need your child's name and birthdate, parents' name(s), address, phone number, and any developmental concerns you might have with your child.

 Kindergarten Students

 Open enrollment for Kindergarten students will be held on Thursday, March 19, 2020 from 4:00pm-6:30pm. You will enroll at the elementary school building for the attendance area in which you live.  You can check here for your attendance area or call 573-243-9507. For more information, go to the Parents menu, and click Kindergarten Enrollment in the Navigation menu.  Printable kindergarten enrollment forms are also available on that page.

 If your student is enrolling in Kindergarten AFTER the open enrollment date, or if they have been enrolled in Kindergarten in another district and you relocate to Jackson, you will follow the process outlined below in the section for students in grades 1-12.

 Students in Grades 1-12  *Centralized Online Enrollment Process*

 This section is for new families with children in grades 1-12 who have never been enrolled at Jackson Schools, or for new Kindergarten students who missed the open enrollment date.  This also applies to existing families who are enrolling a new student in grades 1-12 and also for families who are re-enrolling a student who was at Jackson R-2 but transferred out to another district.

 *Click here for instructions on our centralized online enrollment process.