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A Minute with Dr. Maxwell

A Minute from Dr. Maxwell:

September 2019

Dear East families,

Welcome to East Elementary! The start of the school year has been wonderful. Thanks to the students at East we have been safe, respectful, and responsible. Ask your child about our “Big 3” and our motto - Everyone Achieving Success Together!

With so many new procedures to familiarize ourselves with please read on:

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Routines 

Please use only the front of the building during morning drop-off for K-4. Make sure to stay in your car and use the driving lanes to drop your child off. If you must get out of the car, please park and walk your child in using the crosswalk. Early Childhood students may be dropped off on the lower entrance. Park your car and walk your child in. The driving lanes are reserved for buses only. 

For pick-up, K-2 students will be picked up in the front of the building beginning at 3:10pm. All K-1st students should be picked up in the first lane (yellow arrow). 2nd grade students should be picked up in the second lane (green arrow). All 3rd-4th students should be picked up in the bus parking lot. If any 3rd-4th grader has a younger sibling, then they should also be picked up the front. During afternoon pick-up, please stay in your vehicle and keep an eye out for your child. Our staff will escort your son/daughter to your vehicle. All Early Childhood students will be picked up at the lower entrance at 11:00am and 3:00pm. All authorized pick up persons must have a photo ID to pick a student up. K-4 parents will also need their scan card. 

If your child attends After School Kids Club, you may enter the front doors after the buses depart, around 3:25pm.  If you arrive prior to that time, please come through the front doors and someone in the office will page your child to the front of the building.  

Parent-Teacher Conferences 

Parent –Teacher Conferences will be held on September 26 and October 1 this fall. At this conference, you will receive your child’s first mid-quarter progress report, reading level, and behavior updates. 


PTO is sponsoring a fundraiser through Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough. It began Monday, September 9th and will wrap up on Tuesday, September 24th. PTO’s goal is to raise money to purchase things such as class field trips, carnival on Play Day, technology tools, and much more. We appreciate your support.

Benchmark Testing

BAS (Benchmark Assessment System) and i-Ready testing should be completed soon. Both of these tests are given by classroom or reading teachers. The results of both tests provide us with a student’s reading level (fluency and comprehension) as well as strengths and areas of concern in math (i-Ready). Teachers use the scores to group students into leveled guided reading groups which allow us to differentiate instruction and meet the needs of EVERY child. 

I am thrilled to get to know your child and feel so fortunate that your child attends East Elementary. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.