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Student Services

We've provided some resources for our students. You can access these resources through the menu on the right and below.

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In a web browser navigate to www.google.com and click the Sign In button

Your email address is your district username@jacksonindians.us (ex. jsmith10@jacksonindians.us)

Your password is your district password (passXXXX). If this password does not work yours has been set to the temporary password “indians1” – which you will be required to change.

The first time you login you will also need to agree to Google’s Terms of Service.

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The Jackson R-2 School District has THRIVE (Teach, Hope, Reach, Involve, Value, Encourage) groups at the Middle School, Junior High and High School. At the High School we elect officers to each group, President and Vice President. At the Junior High we elect a specialty art team that takes care of the THRIVE board. All groups have an average of 10 members. The Junior High group meets every first & 3rd Wednesday of the month. The High School group meets every second & fourth Friday of the month.

Every April, THRIVE sponsors a family friendly game night where anyone is invited and everyone walks away a winner. All groups will be working this fun event. All of our funds go to support our group projects. Each group gets to pick their own yearly projects. For more information, please visit: http://www.capecountythrive.com/jackson.html or call Laura Baugh at 573-243-9533.


LIFE Club is currently in process at North, Orchard, West Lane, South, Middle School and Junior High. This group averages about 15 students per site. With the assistance of staff, our students work on skills that will help them throughout life. These skills may include study skills, relationship skills, being productive with your time, and simple budgeting and mathematics. This group also gives youth an additional time to socialize in a safe environment.