Jackson R-2 School District

Wellness Policy

Jackson R2 School District Wellness Policy

Nutrition Education

Goal: The Jackson R-2 School District's goal is to integrate sequential nutrition education to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make healthy nutrition decisions. In order to achieve this goal, the District will:

  • Action Step 1: Provide students with adequate nutrition knowledge
  • Action Step 2: Provide students with nutrition-related skills
  • Action Step 3: Provide instructional activities that stress the appealing aspects of healthy eating and are hands-on and developmentally appropriate
  • Action Step 4: Ensure that school counselors, social workers and health service providers are able to recognize conditions such as unhealthy weight, eating disorders and other nutrition-related healthy problems and, when appropriate, provide information about these conditions, including available treatment options.
  • Action Step 5: Coordinate the food service program with nutrition instruction.

Nutrition Promotion

Goal: The district will promote the importance of good nutrition in its schools and in the community through one or more of the following activities:

  • Action Step 1: Offer healthy eating seminars for parents/guardians
  • Action Step 2: Providing nutrition information to parents/guardians via social media, newsletters, handouts, presentations or other appropriate means.
  • Action Step 3: Posting nutrition tips on the District website
  • Action Step 4: Disseminating information about community programs that offer nutrition assistance to families
  • Action Step 5: Posting links to research and articles explaining the connections between good nutrition and academic performance

Physical Activity

Goal: The District's physical activity goal is to assist students in learning to value and enjoy physical activity as an ongoing part of a healthy lifestyle by ensuring that every student has the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities, maintain physical fitness and regularly participate in physical activity. In order to achieve this goal the District will:

  • Action Step 1: Develop a sequential program of appropriate physical education for every student
  • Action Step 2: Provide opportunities and encouragement for students to voluntarily participate in before- and after-school physical activity programs, such as intermural activities, interscholastic athletics and clubs
  • Action Step 3: Strive to provide joint school and community recreational activities

Other School-Based Activities

Goal: The District's goal is to ensure an integrated whole-school approach to the District's wellness program. The District will achieve this by:

  • Action Step 1: The District will collaborate with agencies and groups conducting nutrition education in the community to send consistent messages to students and their families
  • Action Step 2: The District will strive to engage families as partners in their children's education by supporting parental efforts to motivate and help their children with maintaining and improving their health
  • Action Step 3: The District will continue to encourage health and wellness by collaborating with community organizations to provide school gardens, applying for Healthier School Challenges or Participating in Play60, Offering Staff Wellness Program, and participating in School Health Index.
Updated 9/8/2014