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Rules for Fall Shape UP 

Contest dates: September 12 - October 23, 2016  

  1. Each team shall consist of 2-4 people.  Individuals can participate on one (1) team only. Total points will be divided by the number of team members. Email DIVISION (see below), TEAM NAME, and TEAM MEMBERS to jmcintosh@jr2mail.org
    *Example:  360 total team points with 4 team members = 360 ÷ 4 = 90 team points for that week.                   
  2. Teams losing a member during the contest for legitimate reasons (health, relocation etc.) must replace that team member. Notify Joyce McIntosh if a team member is dropped and give her the name of the replacement.
  3. Each team should designate a captain for communication and reporting purposes. This does not mean you have to exercise together. It is designed to encourage your team members.
  4. Team members will maintain a log of their activities and report to the team captains who will tally points for the team and email the team points for the week to jmcintosh@jr2mail.org before Wednesday during the contest (Deadline is Wednesday at noon). The week is from Monday to Monday.
  5. Winners will be determined based on the average points per team earned during the contest period.
  6. Awards will be given to the first place team in each division. Employee only and employee/spouse team members will be awarded a prize for the top two teams.
  7. Divisions consist of:
    1. Employee Only
    2. Combo Team (Parent and Student)
    3. Students Only
    4. Parents Only
    5. Employee/Spouse or significant other
  • Active Group: (You can earn 5 points a day maximum for each of these activities)
    • Playing a minimum of 9 holes of golf - Walking     5 points
    •  Strength Training/with long breaks between sets (minimum of 20 min.)     5 points
    •  Yoga/Pilates/Stretching (minimum of 20 min.)     5 points
  •  *Cardio Category #1 (5 points for first 20 min., then 1 point for every 5 min. after)
    •  Walking/Hiking for 20 min. non-stop     5 points
    •  Biking for 20 min. non-stop (no arm movements)     5 points
    •  Tennis for 20 min. non-stop     5 points
    •  Racquetball for 20 min. non-stop     5 points
    •  Volleyball for 20 min. non-stop     5 points
    •  Skating/Roller Blading for 20 min. non-stop     5 points
    •  Dodgeball for 20 min. non-stop     5 points 
  •  *Cardio Category #2 (10 points for first 20 min., then 1 point for every 5 min. after)
    •  Cardiovascular group exercise class for 20 min. non-stop     10 points
    •  Swimming for 20 min. non-stop     10 points
    •  Vigorous use of cardiovascular equipment (includes stair machines, bikes with arm movement, elliptical trainer, rowing machines). 20 min. non-stop    10 points
    •  Jogging/Running for 20 min. non-stop     10 points
    •  Basketball (full court)/Soccer 20 min. non-stop     10 points
    •  Circuit Workout/Intense Weight Lifting/Body Pump or similar weight     10 points
    •  Lifting class for 20 min. with minimal breaks between sets     10 points
    •  Spinning/Cycling class (vigorous class) 20 min. non-stop     10 points
    •  Zumba class or any vigorous aerobics class     10 points
  •  *For every additional 5 minutes (after 20 min.) that you participate in ANY Cardio Category #1 or #2 Activities, add 1 point
  •  No additional points for Active Group Activities.
  • Nutrition:  (can earn 10 points per day)
    •  Fresh or frozen fruit and/or vegetable (total of 5 servings per day=5 points)     5 points
    • One serving is 1/4 cup; small size fruit or vegetable 
    • Six 8 oz. glasses of water - 5 points per day     5 points

Maintain Don't Gain

Cost: $5.00

Weigh in the nurse's office on Dec. 7, 2016.

Weigh again (same nurse office, same scale) on Jan. 4, 2017.

If you maintain (or lose) your weight, you will get your money back. If you gain, the money will be put in the Jackson Wellness Fund.
Earn 15 points if you participate.

Personal Live Healthy Challenge

Hey everyone! It's that time of year again! Are you ready to set goals to improve your health? If so, please print out and complete the contract below and get ready to work!

The dates for this challenge are Jan. 11 to Feb. 21, 2017. Choose two (or more) fitness and/or nutrition goals to create a personalized challenge that helps you reach your health goals. There is a $10.00 deposit for participating in the challenge.

If you are successful in reaching your goals, you will receive your money back, but if you are unsuccessful the money will remain in the Jackson R-2 Wellness Fund. You will receive 15 points in you Live Healthy book for participation, and if you meet your goals, you will receive an additional 15 points.