Jackson R-2 School District

One 4 One Technology Initiative

The Jackson R-2 School District is committed to providing every student in grades K-12 with their own personal computing device.  Student devices will be provided to 8th-12th-grade students in 2017-2018, 7th-4th-grade students in 2018-2019, and 3rd-grade -Kindergarten students in 2019-2020. While the One 4 One Initiative will provide a device for every student, the device is not the focus of the program.  The goal of One 4 One is to utilize technology to enhance classroom instruction. One 4 One focuses on the 4 Cs of 21st Learning: (a) critical thinking; (b) communication; (c) collaboration; and (d) creativity.  A goal of One 4 One is to ensure equitable technological access for all students while utilizing technology to enhance learning.  

One 4 One Student Handbook