Jackson R-2 School District

Kindergarten Enrollment Requirements

Kindergarten Enrollment Information

Jackson R-2 Kindergarten Enrollment will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018 from 4:00pm-6:30pm.  Please go to the elementary school for your specific attendance area.  The seven schools are listed below.  If you are unsure which attendance area you reside in, please call 573-243-9507.  Requirements for enrollment are:

  1. A child must turn 5 before August 1, 2018 in order to be eligible to enroll in kindergarten.
  2. At the time of enrollment, you must have: child's official birth certificate, immunization record, social security number (card), proof of residency.
  3. Parents/Guardians must live within the Jackson R-2 attendance area.

We encourage incoming kindergarten students to join their parents at the building on enrollment night for fun activities! 

If you have further questions regarding Jackson R-2 Kindergarten Enrollment, call 573-243-9501.  Click here to see the flyer for Kindergarten Enrollment 2018-19.

  • South Elementary, 1701 S. Hope,  243-9575
  • North Elementary, 10730 State Highway W, 243-9590
  • Orchard Drive Elementary, 1402 Orchard Drive, 243-9555
  • Millersville Attendance Center, 377 State Highway B, 243-9585
  • Gordonville Attendance Center, 653 State Highway Z, 243-9580
  • East Elementary, 455 N. Lacey, 243-5271
  • West Lane Elementary, 338 N. West Lane, 243-9565

Enrollment Requirements and Forms

If you have recently moved to the Jackson R-2 School District, you can access enrollment forms here at our website. To enroll, you will need to go to the Principal's office at the school in your attendance area. Our district has seven elementary schools: Gordonville Attendance Center, Millersville Attendance Center, South Elementary, North Elementary, East Elementary, Orchard Drive Elementary and West Lane Elementary. If you are not sure in which attendance center you reside, you can contact the Jackson R-2 School District Transportation Department at 573-243-9507. Jackson Middle School houses our 6th-7th grade programs, Jackson Junior High School houses our 8th-9th grade programs and Jackson High School houses our 10th-12th grade programs.

To enroll, you will need to provide the following information: Child's official birth certificate, Immunization record, Social Security Card, and Proof of Residency. You can download Enrollment Forms and Request for Records to expedite the enrollment process.

If you have any questions regarding enrolling in the Jackson R-2 School District, you can contact any of our school offices or the Jackson R-2 Central Office at 573-243-9501.


Kdg Enrollment Form 2018-19

Health History Form

Kindergarten Medical Examination Report

Kindergarten Eye Examination Form

Kindergarten Dental Report

Request For Student Records

Free & Reduced Lunch Application 2017-18