It is very important for you to have a plan of action with your child in case school is cancelled or dismissed early.  The district utilizes a telephone broadcast system that enables school personnel to notify all households and parents by phone of school cancellations or early dismissals.  A recorded message will be delivered informing parents of school dismissals or cancellations.

When the recorded message system is activated, please note that phones using “ring back tones” may not receive the automated call.  The system can leave a message; however, answering machines / voice mail greetings which are too long or have pauses in speech may not receive the message. 

If possible, the Jackson R-2 School District Website will list school closings on the front homepage or under announcements.

KFVS-12 will post school closings, along with the following radio stations:  KCGQ-99, KZIM-103, Y105-104.7, KAPE-1550, C105, KISS-93.9.

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