Jackson R-2 Early Childhood Center


During the past 10 years, educators have increasingly turned their attention to research and practices that affect young children.  This has been the same for the Jackson R-2 School District.  Many programs have been developed that address the significant learning that takes place from birth to five years of age.


The Jackson R-2 Early Childhood program is based on four guiding principles.


Parents are vital to the education of their children.


Every effort will be made to offer children three to school age and their families a full continuum of early childhood services that are appropriate each child.


The early childhood program will form partnerships with other community agencies and services available for children three to school entry.


A long lasting partnership will be formed between parents and the school district as each focuses on the education of the child. 


Jackson R-2 Early Childhood Centers:


South Elementary                                             New McKendree South Campus       

243-9575                                                     243-4011

243-9574 (fax)                                              


Early Childhood Class Schedule

Morning students:  8:00– 11:15 a.m.

Afternoon students: 12:00 – 3:15 p.m.


Early Childhood Staff


Carrie L. Holland, ECSE Teacher/Process Coordinator              cholland@jackson.k12.mo.us
Amy Hume, ECSE Teacher                                                         ahume@jackson.k12.mo.us
Buffy Davis, EC Teacher                                                            bdavis@jackson.k12.mo.us
Karen Schneider, ECSE Teacher                                                klschneider@jackson.k12.mo.us
Sarah Kuntze, ECSE Teacher                                                     skuntze@jackson.k12.mo.us
Danielle Schremp, ECSE Teacher                                              dschremp@jackson.k12.mo.us
Geannie Floyd, ECSE Teacher                                                   gfloyd@jackson.k12.mo.us
Shani Ladd, Title I Preschool Teacher                                      sladd@jackson.k12.mo.us
Stephanie Bledsoe, Title I Preschool Teacher                          sbledsoe@jackson.k12.mo.us
Christa Hitt, Title I Preschool Teacher                                    chitt@jackson.k12.mo.us
Rachael Bohnert, Title I Preschool Teacher                              rbohnert@jackson.k12.mo.us
Amy Brueckner, Speech/Language Therapist                           abrueckner@jackson.k12.mo.us
Julie Layton, Speech/Language Therapist                                jlayton@jackson.k12.mo.us
Leslie Buck, Speech/Language Therapist                                  lbuck@jackson.k12.mo.us
Angela Logel, Occupational Therapist                                       alogel@jackson.k12.mo.us
Judy Schneider, Physical Therapist                                          jschneider@jackson.k12.mo.us
Michelle Schott, Teacher, Hearing Impaired                            mschott@jackson.k12.mo.us




Jackson R-2 Preschool Program


Jackson R-2 offers several preschool programs designed to meet each family’s needs.  Our half day program follows the schedule of the elementary schools in the district.  Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is research-based and approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE):  The Creative Curriculum for Preschool (Doge, Colker, Heroman, 2002).  Our students will learn in environments that are child-centered, process-oriented, and choice driven.  A variety of learning opportunities are provided to enhance early reading, math, problem solving, communication, socialization and motor skills.  Teachers and Teacher Assistants facilitate the development of self-control in children by using positive guidance techniques such as modeling and encouraging appropriate behaviors, redirecting, and setting clear limits. The Jackson R-2 School District employs certified teachers with degrees in Early Childhood Education and/or Early Childhood Special Education and well-trained Teacher Assistants.  Early Childhood classes are offered at South Elementary and New McKendree church, across the street from South Elementary.





Early Childhood Special Education


Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) services are provided for all children ages 3 to 5 with disabilities. The district is required by law to provide a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment for eligible students on their third birthday.  Certificated staff work closely with families and community resources to enhance the learning of young children.



Eligibility for early childhood special education is based upon significant delays in development that affect the student’s educational performance.  Three to 5 year old (not yet kindergarten age) children may be determined as eligible using any of the 16 disability categories including that of Young Child with a Developmental Delay, as defined in the Missouri State Plan for Special Education.  To be eligible for services under the Young Child with a Developmental Delay, ALL of the following conditions are met:  The student’s development is significantly below that of their peers.  Significantly below is defined as performance at or below 1.5 standard deviations, or equivalent levels, of the mean in any of TWO developmental areas OR at or below 2.0 standard deviations, or equivalent levels, in any ONE area of development and the child needs special education and related services.  Areas of development that can be used for eligibility determination include: cognitive development; communication development; physical development; adaptive behavior development; social or emotional development.  The Jackson R-2 School District offers monthly screenings to help parents determine if their child has developmental delays in any areas.  During the screening process, Early Childhood staff will interview parents, observe the child and use developmentally appropriate screening tools to assess the child.  If the screening indicates it is necessary to further evaluate, a team of professionally certified staff will conduct a comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation.  The staff will review the results of the evaluation with parents and as a team; determine if the child meets eligibility for services.  If eligibility is determined, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be developed to determine the specific services the child will need.  Parents are involved in each step of this process.


Early Childhood Special Education Placement Options:


Early Childhood Setting; Early Childhood Special Education Setting; Home; Part time EC/Part time ECSE setting; Residential facility; separate school; Itinerant service outside the home.


Early Childhood Special Education students are placed into classes based upon need of services.  Students may attend one, two, three, four, or five days according to the decision of the IEP team.  There is no fee to attend Early Childhood Special Education and transportation is provided.




The transition process from First Steps to Early Childhood Special Education requires that the LEA be involved at least six months prior to the child’s third birthday.  All evaluative/diagnostic procedures shall be followed in determining the student’s eligibility for ECSE services.  The district is required to provide special education and related services as identified in the IEP as of the student’s third birth day unless the third birth day occurs during a normal vacation period.  Children whose third birth days are May through August may continue in the First Steps program until the initiation of the district’s school year at no cost to the parents.  The Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) will terminate upon commencement of the school year.  Children whose third birth dates are April 1 through May 1, may either transition to the district program before the end of the current school year of continue services in First Steps until the initiation of the district’s next school year.  Children who meet ECSE eligibility and enroll in the district for the remainder of the school year must be considered for Extended School Year as required by law. 


For more information you may contact:


Dr. Beth Emmendorfer, Associate Superintendent of Student Services, 573-243-9501

Mrs. Carrie Holland, ECSE Coordinator, 573-243-9575





Title I Preschool


Students that are screened and are determined to have mild – moderate delays in development are referred to the Title I Preschool.  Students may qualify by scoring -1.0 standard deviations below their typically developing peers on the screening instrument used by the district; or meet other criteria, such as difficulty separating from parent; difficulty interacting with peers; etc.  Title I Preschool is offered for those children turning three years of age before August 1st; and for those children turning four years of age before August 1st.  Generally, students completing the three year old program will transition to the four year old program the following fall.  Three year old program meets three mornings a week and the four year old program meets four mornings a week; or five afternoons a week.  There is no fee to attend the Title I preschool and transportation is provided.




Little Indians Preschool


The Jackson R-2 Preschool offers a tuition-based program for all children who are three to five years of age.  It is our belief that all children can learn and all children benefit when, regardless of ability, they are served together in an inclusive environment.  All children have much to contribute in an inclusive setting.  We believe that learning for children with special needs is enhanced by the social and language models typical peers provide.  Typically developing children learn tolerance for differences among people.  All children are learning to work and play together to gain the skills needed to continue a lifetime of learning.  Based upon these beliefs, the Jackson R-2 Preschool will offer the following types of integrated classrooms:


Some classrooms have two-thirds of the children developing typically and can have up to one-third of children with disabilities as the school year progresses. This classroom will have no more than 18 students by the end of the school year.  An Early Childhood teacher and ECSE teacher will co-teach these classrooms with the assistance of a Teacher Assistant.


Some of our Title I preschools will have 20 students with 15 students qualifying for Title I services and 5 typical developing peers. These classrooms will be taught by a certified early childhood teacher and two teacher assistants.


Some classrooms have approximately 50% children developing typically and approximately 50% children with disabilities. There will be no more than 12 children in these classrooms.  An ECSE teacher and Teacher Assistant will lead these classrooms.  Students are placed based on a two, three, or five day schedule; either morning or afternoon. 


Our Little Indian program is a tuition-based program and there is no transportation provided for students participating in this program. For more information regarding openings and/or fees, please contact the Early Childhood Center at 243-4011.





Extended Day


Extended day will be offered as part of the half day preschool program for the Early Childhood programs.  Students that attend morning preschool can attend the extended day program in the afternoons from 11:20 – 3:15.  Students that attend the afternoon preschool can attend the extended day program in the mornings from 8:00-12:00.  This program is voluntary and a fee is based.  For more information regarding openings and/or fees, please contact the Early Childhood Center at 243-4011.





After School Kid’s Club


For parents that need after school programming for their children, we are offering a new program, the Jackson R-2 Afterschool Kid’s Club.  Students can attend this program from 3:30 – 5:45 p.m.  Cost of this program is $87.50 per month.  For more information, please contact the  Early Childhood Center at 243-4011




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